our roots

It all started when a couple of bros and Carolyne were sipping some wine and shooting the shit. We hailed from different parts of the world with a diverse set of experiences and passions. Yet we couldn't figure out why there were no wine for modern men of our generation. No matter what lens we wore - Luke was a lawyer, Dave was a doctor, Kristian an i-banker, Carolyne and Nick consultants, and Siddhartha a startup guy - we couldn't figure out the reason why there were no wines for young men. 

Our friends often walk into wine shops only to be overwhelmed with jargon and information they can't understand and often don't care to. They often want a change of pace from pints at the pub but can't bear the thought of being "that guy" who orders a glass of chablis. They are often on the move, living life in the moment, hanging with their bros (us), and need something portable and convenient. 

To that end, we created Vinbroteca - wine in a can for the modern, millennial man. Why "Vinbroteca" (or VBT)? Vinotecas, literally translated to "wine cellar" in Spanish, or little wine shops, dot the landscape throughout Europe. This happens to be Vinbroteca, because we're in the business of making wine for bros, by bros. 


We hope you'll enjoy our wine. 

-Carolyne, Kristian, Luke, Dave, Nick and Siddhartha