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they said bros don't drink wine. we said, #yeswecan

Welcome To The Revolution

wine in a can for the modern, millennial man


Our Roots

We love wine, but the industry has become ever more complicated and confusing for those of who are more casual in our beverage selection. We wanted to create a quality wine that was portable, convenient, and at a good price. We wanted to create a wine you wouldn't be ashamed to order at the pub or take to the park. We wanted to create a wine for bros and by bros and thus was born vinbroteca (VBT).


Our Wine

Our first canned wine is a sparkling from Germany (#brosecco). You can order that now (this very second) and have it in your hands within a few days. This wine isn't going to get 100 points from Robert Parker, but it's going to hit the spot on a summer day. Whether you're out with friends, at the beach, or pregaming for the night ahead, this brosecco will check all the boxes. Come at us, bro and get your wine on. 


our mission

to make quality wine Portable,
Affordable, AND Casual
enough to drink with the lads

#yeswecan #makewinegreatagain